[Samba] Terminal server settings.

Ilia Chipitsine ilia at paramon.ru
Tue Feb 22 10:20:43 GMT 2005

>> difference is in roaming profile settings.
>> if You run terminal application (for instance within Citrix),
>> it will use either the same roaming profile as regular workstation
>> (and there will be collision with regular roaming profiles) or
>> You have to use static (non-roaming) for terminal server.
> We use Terminalserver (2k+Citrix) and Win-Clients since 1 year without 
> special settings.
> You have to look at the same things as in an Win-Client-Only Network.
> I.E.: If you log on at two workstations, the last logoff will write your 
> serverprofil.

yes, I exactly mean that.

You are right if w2k and below workstations are used.
WinXP will merge settings from both profiles.

terminal applications will try to store settings in roaming profile (HKCU 
registry for instance) and those settings will be lost. Which is not good.

Settings will not be lost if You are running AD, because there separate 
roaming profiles for regular and terminal workstations.

> matze

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