[Samba] Terminal server settings.

Erol YILDIZ erol at kemerkoy.k12.tr
Tue Feb 22 09:07:44 GMT 2005


yes it is possible to store your policy on ldap and you can use ldap to 
authenticate your users while joining the domain. For the terminal clients 
to read the policy we are using a software called Nitrobit group policy. It 
does create the necessary base objects with a python script automatically 
for you to store the policy on openldap. Works smoothly for us over 
windows2003 terminal server. you can read more about it at 

hope this helps..


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Hi All,

I'm working on a full migration from windows DC to samba DC, and i'm
actually having a problem with terminal server settings! I run a
terminal server on win2k, but i would store all my user information on
samba. Although, i don't find any documentations or info about terminal
server setting with samba. Is it supposed to be possible to store it
with samba and a ldap backend, and if yes, where should it be stored?
Which attribute and how to modify it? That my last problem before to be
able to perform a full migration to samba. Any advise, help or docs
could be great!


Arnault Teissier 

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