[Samba] 'credentials' file doesn't work - also observed by others

Jack Eidsness jeidsness at above.net
Fri Feb 18 01:49:50 GMT 2005

(If I am so lucky, please include me in reply, I'm not on the list)

Tony Breeds wrote (2004-10-13):
> On Wed, Oct 13, 2004 at 04:10:23PM +1300, Michael Woodhams wrote:
>> Background: Linux, Debian (Sarge). I want to auto-mount an smbfs at
>> boot. smbmount version is 3.0.7-Debian.
> <snip>
>> username=<user>/<domain>
>> password=<password>
> Isn't the syntax
> ---
> user = fred
> password = *****
> domain = bloggs
> ---

So it appears that DOMAIN\\user works as a command line argument to 
smbmount, but not when fed through the fstab or in the credentials file. 
(I didn't try adding extra escape characters for the backslashes, maybe 
it could work...)

I'm surprised that there is no debug info for this.  Even with debug=9, 
you cannot see how your username was parsed, or what workgroup was used. 
  with debug over 5, I wouldn't even mind seeing my password printed on 
screen, either.

  I mention this because I had the same problem, went into debug mode, 
in both the fstab and at the command line, and both gave the exact same 
output, until the moment where one succeeded and the other failed.

Jack Eidsness

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