[Samba] Byrne wishes you to use a different email address

spam at majordojo.com spam at majordojo.com
Thu Feb 17 22:10:02 GMT 2005

To whom just sent me an e-mail,

I am in the process of consolidating my various e-mail addresses/identities into one. I have been pretty liberal in the past about the addresses I will accept e-mail for. Technically, any e-mail sent to any user at majordojo.com will be directed to me. As it turns out many spammers have learned of the permissiveness of my domain and have begun to abuse it.

As a result, I have decided to accept mail at only one address and bounce all the rest. For the time being however, I will continue to accept mail in the fashion I always have until my friends and family have time to update their address books.

So please, update your address books and please send all e-mail to the following address:

byrne at majordojo dot com

Of course, replace the "at" with a "@" and the dot with a ".". :)

Sorry for the brief inconconvience.


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