[Samba] net ads commands work, wbinfo fails

William Enestvedt William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu
Thu Feb 17 17:55:16 GMT 2005

Hi, all;
   I compiled Samba 3.0.11 on Solaris 8 with MIT Kerberos 1.3.6 and
OpenLDAP 2.2.23. I joined our Active Directory domain, but only the
various `net ads` commands work, while any `wbinfo` commands fail.
   Where can I start searching for this?
   My log.winbindd says that the server failed to fetch the shared
secret. Oddly, it also says that it's trying to contact a Domain named
PVD-MGT-10, which is actually the hostname.
   Does this sound like I haven't added accounts for the machine yet, or
do I need to correct my ldap.conf file, or...?
   I confess I am getting out of my depth. :7( Despite having both Samba
books and the man pages, I don't have anyone particularly savvy on the
AD side to work with, so I need to turn to the list for some general
   I can certainly provide the smb.conf, krb5.conf, and lsap.conf files
if no glaring error jumps out.
P.S. FWIW, I have a Samba 2.x server (print-only) that runs fine, but I
wanted to do something "neat" with the new set-up. I guess it's true
what they say about the tragedy that generally follows the words, "Hey,
watch this!"
Will Enestvedt
UNIX System Administrator
Johnson & Wales University -- Providence, RI

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