[Samba] samba+ldap machine account bug workaround?

John Hawley jhawley at hissingdragon.net
Thu Feb 17 17:30:42 GMT 2005


I've used Samba for years, but just this week I decided to try to figure
out how to use it with LDAP.

I've got everything working to the point that I can now log in on a W98
machine, but not on a W2k .. problem with the machine account.  I
understand that there is a bug which has been fixed in 3.0.11, but
Debian/unstable still uses 3.0.10.

Is there a work-around, as in manually creating the correct machine
account, till I upgrade?  I can't believe this should be a show stopper.
Could someone kindly post the LDIF of what a properly working machine
account should look like?

I realize there are many ldap related config issues that I could have
screwed up, as a newbie, so I could post config details if that would


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