[Samba] Slow opening of files - connecting to server each time

Andrew Ritchie aritchie at unimelb.edu.au
Thu Feb 17 04:05:28 GMT 2005

Hello all,

We have a file server running samba Version 3.0.10-Debian.

Copy to or from this file server is very quick.

When trying to open files from the network though, it can take up to 30 
seconds just to open a 1k text file.

An interesting point is that this is only a problem from Windows Clients 
(only W2K tested). The OS X clients connecting via smb have now problems at 

When the logging on the samba server is at level 2 it show the windows 
client reconnecting to the share on every opening of a file.

Thank you
Andrew Ritchie
Server and Database Administrator
ed-IT, Faculty Of Education
Doug McDonell Building
The University of Melbourne
ph:     8344 8719

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