[Samba] Samba works fine but can't login to linux using LDAP backend

Mark Sarria marksarria at socal.rr.com
Thu Feb 17 03:31:10 GMT 2005

> Hi
> I have 2 questions :
> 1. I've setup a samba with ldap backend and everything is working fine
> samba but I can't login to the OS using the users I added through the
> smbldap-useradd utility, getent passwd worked fine and i can see the user
> but I can't login,
when you add the users using the smbldap-useradd, did you use

./smbldap-useradd -m -a username

the of course you do the password script then you would add the samba

smbpasswd username

> I'm using mandrake 10.0 and samba 3.0.2a anyon knows why? I've followed
> of the threads but the most I gt out of it is to use ldap passwd sync =
> which I am already using,
> 2. I know this is off topic but does will rsync backup the acl from a w2k
> server to the samba share ?
> thanks
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