[Samba] Windows To Solaris Print Server Problem

Darryl G. Thomas dgthomas at olg.com
Thu Feb 17 02:01:58 GMT 2005


I'm new to Samba, so my problem's probably due to operator head space.

I've got Samba 3.0.10 installed on a Solaris 8 workstation (used as a test bed).
 A very simple smb.conf file printers section.  The printers are shared.  My
Windows 2000 boxes can see the printers.  When I print a test page I get
multiple pages of print formatting commands, not the typical Windows' test page.
 By the way, I'm printing to a HP 4050 laser.

We're trying to replace PCNet Link with Samba, the same printer works just fine
in that environemnt.

The problem's probably on the UNIX box, so this is not strictly a Samba problem.
 But if any of you are in an environment like mine (UNIX print server, Windows
clients) any help would be appreciated.

Darryl G. Thomas

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