[Samba] XP SP1 Clients wont print to Samba / Cups Server

Graham Bentley gbentley at uk2.net
Wed Feb 16 20:11:45 GMT 2005

Hi All,

I have gained my basic Linux / Samba knowledge from
using SME server (www.contribs.org)

More recently I have started to use Trustix Linux to
build servers for specific things for example as a
print server.

I installed Trustix and the most recent Cups/Samba rpm's
from the repository (I am pretty sure they are the latest
stable releases) but I can check version numbers if this

I am going to desrcribe symptoms that may (hopefully) have
been encountered by others on the list.

I installed Samba and created a very basic (based on the doc
"Stand-Alone Servers") single folder share and added a printer
using cups.

I have the following scenario ;

I have a 20 x XP SP1 PC's and a MSB 2K PDC
I am trying to create a print server
I have built it and installed Cups/Samba
I can see the machine, printer and folder share in nethood
I can copy files from any PC to the folder share
I can view printer in the cups webmin
I can control and print test pages from cups webmin
I can run swat webmin and check my v basic config
I can "Add Printer" as usual using XP drivers
The printer shows as 'Ready' in printers & faxes
As soon as (instantly) I click print I get a dialogue
saying 'Cant print, unable to create document'
At no time do I see a print job appear in the queue using
cups webmin

I have googled until I am dizzy on this. Whats annoying is
that it all looks like its going to work apart from the very
last thing (the most important bit) i.e. Actually doing the

I admit I have limited knowledge and dont mind being told
to RTFM (if you could include links to the relevent sections:)
When I read the Samba docs on basic printing using cups I
was really pleased (I didnt want to spend 3 months studying
docs just to get a simple printer server working:)

Any help would be really appreciated (Paypal available:)

Thanks (I have a just a few hairs left!!)

Graham Bentley

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