[Samba] Windows LMB and Samba DMB problems.

Brian prosigma at prodigy.net
Tue Feb 15 08:33:04 GMT 2005

Note: LMB = Local Master Browser
      DMB = Domain Master Browser

Have Samba 2.2.7A running embedded in a variant of ucLinux.
My interest was only to use Samba as a WINS server.

I've set up the SMB.CONF with this config. for one test:

wins support = yes
local master = no
domain master = yes
preferred master = no
os level = 0

I've set up the SMB.CONF with this config. for the other test:

wins support = yes
local master = yes
domain master = yes
preferred master = no
os level = 33

The Samba box is prodiving WINS but with one big problem.
If I configure the box as the first example above it should only be the DMB.
It becomes the DMB and it does talk to the LMB which is an MS 2KAS box.
However, I don't see anything in Network Neighborhood except the
 Samba box and the MS 2KAS box (all the computers in the subnet are like that)
Yet I > CAN < type in the names and they resolve even after doing:
 nbtstat -R
Yet none of those names appear in BROWSE.DAT or WINS.DAT.
Everything is pointed to the Samba box for WINS.
Everything does have NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled.
I've waited over 10 hours in my attempts to no avail.
Both the boxes are on the same subnet
I've done a 'nbtstat -a' on the MS 2KAS box and it does have MSBROWSE listed.

Further, if I make the Samba box the DMB and the LMB it works great.
Populated the Network Neighborhood REALLY fast.
However at this point, I'm not asking an MS box to be the LMB.
Which leads me to the next problem:

My whole reason for testing this, is that I wanted to install a VPN on
 this test network.
I used this same Samba box to try to join the remote subnet with the same
 workgroup name to this subnet and it's workgroup via the routers.
While the remote machine was able to resolve names, as was the local network. 
Nothing shown in Network Neighborhood except the Samba box on both sides.
If I installed 2 of these Samba boxes and made one LMB and the other
 the LMB and DMB, the problem vanishes (using remote browse sync.)

During all this everything can ping everyone else.
There are no errors in the log.nmbd on the Samba box.
I've even tried disconnecting the whole test network from the Internet
 and dumbing the router to a DSL modem and simple Netgear router.
I doubt it's a naming issue as the Samba box name is 'Samba' and the
 workgroup name is 'workgroup'.
So after trying for 2 days I need to ask:

Is there an something I'm missing?  Was this broken in 2.2.7A?

What could prevent a Samba box on the same subnet and workgroup as a
 MS LMB from retrieving that browse list from that LMB? 

I'm not using a Microsoft Domain on this network could that be causing this?
(I really don't want to have a Microsoft Domain for this application.)

TIA, Brian

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