[Samba] problems with special characters

Bastian.Zacher at aspect-online.de Bastian.Zacher at aspect-online.de
Tue Feb 15 07:06:23 GMT 2005

Hello NG,

maybe anybody can help me...

I got trouble with the german special characters. After upgrading to 
v3.0.11 any
special character will be displayed as an underscore.

Also the modification of the smb.conf couldn't fix the problems:

character set = ISO8859-1
client code page = 850

Since v3 these options are out of date, but I used them anyway.

After switching back to v3.0.3 all the characters will be displayed 
correctly. But I
recordnized another problem: The characters won't be correctly displayed 
the machine itself (using ls).

So I guess it's a main problem, but I'm not sure.

I set my locale to de_DE and if i touched a file with those characters in 
the filename
it will be shown as it should. Even via samba.

So, anybody experience with setting the right character encoding?

Oh yes - I'm using redhat v8.



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