[Samba] WinXP Home problem with Samba

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Sun Feb 13 20:16:03 GMT 2005

On Sun, 2005-02-13 at 09:32 -0800, Larry Gagnon wrote:
> I have a problem with a WinXP Home machine using Samba on a small home
> network. Here are the details:
> -Samba 3.0.10
> -3 machines: VectorLinux v5 (smbserver), VectorLinux v5/Win98SE dual
> boot (wolf), WinXP Home (andrea), through a router.
> -workgroup is "HOME"
> -smb.conf is:
> [global]
>         encrypt passwords = yes
>         guest account = smbguest
>         netbios name = MYSMBSERVER
>         security = share
>         socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192 IPTOS_LOWDELAY
>         wins support = yes
>         workgroup = HOME
> [pub]
>         path = /cifs/pub
>         read only = no
>         guest ok = yes
>         guest only = yes
> The problem is that the other 2 machines (smbserver and
> wolf) can see the WinXP Home machine (andrea) in a browsing window but cannot connect
> to it nor see its shared folders. "andrea" does not have a firewall. All machines happily ping back and
> forth. Here is a LinNeighborhood log while attempting to see "andrea"
> shares from "smbserver":
> GetSMBShare:smbclient -L ANDREA -U% -W HOME -d3
>         Sharename       Type      Comment
>         ---------       ----      -------
> Error returning browse list: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
>         Server               Comment
>         ---------            -------
>         ANDREA               Andrea's Computer
>         MYSMBSERVER          Samba 3.0.10
>         Workgroup            Master
>         ---------            -------
>         HOME                 ANDREA
> An attempt to connect from the Win98SE machine "wolf" produces a Network
> Neighborhood window box stating: "\\Andrea is not accessible. No
> permission to access resources". Attempts to connect from Konqueror
> (using smb://) pops up an "Authorization Dialog" window "Please enter
> authentication information for Andrea". If I enter a valid WinXP login
> name and password it still gives the same error.
> I suspect something is wrong with the WinXP Home machine setup, but I
> have been over it numerous times, to no avail. All seems well
> (Microsoft Client settings, TCP/IP settings, WINS server setting,
> I am considering removing all network settings and TCP/IP and Microsoft  
> Client protocols and starting from scratch to reset all of "andrea"
> network on that machine. Any other ideas or WinXP Home command line
> facilities I can use to repair it will be much appreciated.
that seems drastic...

You need to know the user name/password on the Windows XP Home system
and if it is sharing anything at all.

Open the Network browser on the Windows XP Home machine, 'view entire
network' -> Microsoft Windows Network -> HOME -> Andrea and see if any
shares are even listed. If none show, you probably want to choose a
folder to share.

Then look at C:\Documents and Settings and see the users listed there.
That would likely be the user name and associate password to use when
trying to connect from another system...

Try this first on Linux system...

mkdir /home/andrea

smbclient -L //andrea -U username_derived_above%

and you should see the shares offered by \\Andrea

and then

mount -t smbfs //andrea/share /home/andrea -

also note, smbfs is not samba but cifs is and you should probably
substitute cifs for smbfs above.



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