[Samba] smb log error-Transport end point/getpeername

"Bjørn Fahnøe" bf at bf-data.dk
Sun Feb 13 12:09:45 GMT 2005

Den 11-02-2005 kl 12:09 skrev David Rankin:

>From: "Josh Kelley" <josh at jbc.edu>
>> david rankin wrote:
>>>    Well, no, I'm not positive, but when whatever hangs, I get a big 
>>> slowdown in file access, file open, etc.. from XP. When I then go and 
>>> check the logs the transport end point and getpeername is the only 
>>> thing that shows up in the log. I admit I haven't had time to put up a 
>>> console and check in the past few days. It is definately an XP issue. 
>>> It occurs on both Suse 9.0 and Mandrake 7.2 with 3.0.7. It occurred 
>>> with all the 2.0 and 2.2 sambas as well. I'll keep an eye on it and 
>>> report back.
>> This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but do you have port 80 firewalled 
>> off on your Samba server?  It's my understanding that by default, XP 
>> will try to access network drives via WebDAV before trying SMB, and a 
>> firewall that drops attempted connections to port 80 or that doesn't 
>> respond with a TCP reset can cause noticeable slowdowns in connections 
>> from XP.
>    Thanks for the 'shot', but in my case, port 80 is wide open....
I have followed this thead because I have had the same troubles.
On the Primary server I have used
socket = IP-addres of server and I have both the lmhost og the hosts files up to date
When I now set up a second server on another workgroup but same subnet and disable port 443 in Samba and only uses port 139,
it seems that it all works ok.
I am still worried though, I have really had a lot of trouble and lost many hours trying to solve this problem.
Its was not only slowing the system when the errors occured, I experienced database errors if a program was writing to a database when it happended.
And the database has to be repaired.
If anyone knows more of this problem do write, I ko not know why these correction to the smb.cfg helps and why they ar necessary.
Bjørn Fahnøe

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