[Samba] performance?

Thomas Reiss thomas at mypoint.franken.de
Sat Feb 12 19:57:38 GMT 2005

Hallo Shane Hebert, 

> My environment:
> Linux: SuSE 9.2 Pro AMD64
> Windows: Windows XP Pro (32-bit) on an Athlon64
> Networking: everything connected with GoC.
> This reports the data transfer rate at around 65kb/s
> around 15MB/s (near hard drive write speed on the Windows box).
> the transfer rates are still below 100kb/s
> Any ideas?

Sound's that you have a Network Problem.

- Have you a managed Switch who can you show some Infos about
damaged/wrong Packet's ?

- show (on linux Server) ifconfig any errors on RX/TX packets or a lot
  of collisions ?

- what show mii-tool for your ethercard? 
  (special duplex setting, link state and so on).

- You have a Gigabit Network?. Are the Cables of type CAT5e 
  and with all 8 Pins connected?


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