[Samba] performance?

Shane Hebert shane256 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 11 01:28:07 GMT 2005

I've looked on the 'net and found some references to poor performance but I 
haven't seen a solution.

My environment:

Linux: SuSE 9.2 Pro AMD64
Windows: Windows XP Pro (32-bit) on an Athlon64
Networking: everything connected with GoC.

>From the Linux box, I want to basically back up some stuff from the Windows 
box.  To do so, I use the following:

smbclient //winbox/share "" -N -Tc backup.tar

This reports the data transfer rate at around 65kb/s

If I use ftp from the Windows box to the Linux box, I can ftp files at 
around 15MB/s (near hard drive write speed on the Windows box).

Even when I manually copy files using:

smbclient //winbox/share "" -N
and then get bigfile.zip

I still get the slow speeds.  I did see some things on the 'net about using 
smbmount and turn the TTL up to 10 seconds or so.  I tried this and simply 
used tar to copy from the mount to a tar file on the local Linux box and the 
transfer rates are still below 100kb/s

Any ideas?

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