[Samba] Roaming profiles sometimes stop updating

Sean Millichamp sean at compu-aid.net
Fri Feb 11 17:29:07 GMT 2005

I have a generally stable and well-working Samba configuration on a few
servers but I have noticed one recurring problem that crops up from time
to time on at least two different systems.

The Samba version is '3.0.9-1.3E.2' (from the Red Hat RPM release), it
is configured as a PDC, and NT profile updating generally works fine.

However, I've noticed that on two completely separate networks
(configured in a similar manner) certain Windows 2K/XP stations just
stop updating profiles though the rest are still updating regularly upon
logout.  In a new Samba install I performed a few months ago some of the
existing 2K/XP machines have never updated the roaming profile.

Once a station stops updating user profiles it seems that the only fix
is to reinstall Windows.  

It sounds like this is probably a Windows client problem and nothing
Samba specific.  However, as most of my PDC experience these days is
with Samba I was wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior and
maybe has some suggestions on tweaks to Samba to keep this from
happening or maybe a Windows tweak to make it work again without
requiring a reinstall.

I checked the Samba How-To and did some googling and didn't find
anything that seemed to match my problem but perhaps I wasn't picking
the right keywords :)

In case it helps, here is my profiles share definition:

        comment = Windows Profiles
        path = /vol/samba/profiles
        read only = no
        create mask = 0611
        directory mask = 0700
        map system = yes
        map hidden = yes
        root preexec = mkdir -p /vol/samba/profiles/%u ; chown %
u /vol/samba/profiles/%u ; chmod 700 /vol/samba/profiles/%u
        profile acls = yes


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