[Samba] Re: Preventing deletion of folders under a SAMBA share: SOLVED

Michal Kurowski mkur at gazeta.pl
Thu Feb 10 15:41:24 GMT 2005

Josir Gomes [josir at ig.com.br] wrote:
> Sorry Michal, but I don't agree with that.
> He transforms a simple "chmoding" instruction in a inventive business 
> solution: this is what we are looking for on the Linux world.
> If you look back in the newsgroup archive, you will find several users 
> with that same problem.
> Stuart, please doc your tip to us.

No offense, but that's wrong.

It is very dangerous (in practice ;-) to mix marketing - like 
language with classic system administration problems. 

The problem is not "inventive" - merely it's a typical problem in
understanding Unix environment by Windows folks. 

It is hard. We've all certainly seen it. 

Such things have to be clarified in docs - they're just 
not inventive ...


Michal Kurowski
<mkur at gazeta.pl>

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