[Samba] Replicated LDAP

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Thu Feb 10 14:52:53 GMT 2005

Jochen Witte wrote:

>I would like to have a central LDAP-Server in my main office and a
>replicated one in my satellite office, connected via VPN. Then I want my
>SAMBA-PDC in the satellite to use the local LDAP. I think this should
>end in:
A very admirable goal.  One thing about setting it all up, don't jump at 
everything at once.  Make sure that your LDAP setup is good and tight 
before adding samba.  That is, make sure that you've got your machines 
authenticating well with it, make sure replication is good, and you've 
got a secure (TLS) connection going first, if desired.  ONLY after you 
have the underlying system running well should you layer on samba.

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