[Samba] Replicated LDAP

Bert_De_Ridder at peopleware.be Bert_De_Ridder at peopleware.be
Thu Feb 10 14:46:23 GMT 2005

We do it like that; your writes actually will go 'straight' to the master 
LDAP (not Samba as your diagram shows). 
The master LDAP is configured so that it updates the slave. 
So, the master LDAP is the only writer to the slave. (via a referer)

It is as safe as your VPN (quite safe) 

Kind regards

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Jochen Witte <devnull at alpha-lab.net> 
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[Samba] Replicated LDAP


I would like to have a central LDAP-Server in my main office and a
replicated one in my satellite office, connected via VPN. Then I want my
SAMBA-PDC in the satellite to use the local LDAP. I think this should
end in:

Samba         <->      Replicate
Samba          ->      Replicate
Samba          <->     Central LDAP

Am I right with my assumption? Is this setup possible and advisable?


Jochen Witte <devnull at alpha-lab.net>

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