[Samba] Moving Samba-3.x Servers to different hardware.

K. Hawkes k.hawkes at zombies.force9.net
Wed Feb 9 19:12:40 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I have tried today to move a Samba 3.0.10 PDC from it's old hardware and OS
(RH9) to it's new hardware and OS (Centos 3.4 - RH Enterprise3).
I copied the files from the old server (password files and such) to the new
server in the relevant directories.
I also copied secrets.tdb and all the other .tdb files that samba uses from
/var/cache/samba or /var/lib/samba.

I start up the new samba (after giving it the same domain name as the old
server) and attempt to logon to the new server from an already-joined PC
(which was joined to the old server). It won't let me login or anything at
all - complains that the username/password are incorrect or that the domain
isn't found.

Rather than ask if I've missed anything (which could be any number of
things) - does anyone out there have a good list of steps to follow to
successfully move one Samba 3.x server to different hardware? At least then
I could follow the list and then report back with what I've found - be it
good or bad.

I have checked the Samba mailing lists and can't see anything that I'm doing
wrong - I even did 'net getlocalsid <DOMAIN>' on the old server and did 'net
setlocalsid <SID>' on the new domain - so I'm not sure quite what's going

The IP and Hostname are DIFFERENT for the new server as the old server is
still required up until we swap the hardware over - the reason I'm doing
this now is that I needed to ensure it would work straight off without
having to rejoin any PCs to the domain.

If anyone has any ideas or thoughts could you please E-Mail them to me (as
well as reply to the newsgroup) as I cannot get news of any kind at my
workplace but I can get E-Mail - unfortunately I have no VPN to try this
with, here at home.

Thanking you all in advance.

Mr. K. Hawkes

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