[Samba] Core dumped starting smbd. HELP!

Maher, Eric EMaher at SDMG.com
Wed Feb 9 16:09:37 GMT 2005

I don't think my original post made it through.

I tried installing samba 2.2.12 on SCO Openserver 5.0.6 today.  Installation
went fairly smoothly, but I have the following problems:

1) Smbd fails with a core dump.

2) Testparm fails with the message :
	Insufficient or invalid memory
	Error loading services.

3) When I access the swat webpage, all the links take me to what appears to
be the main page.

4) The button images to not appear on the swat webpage.

I'm hoping there's a connection between all these failures.

Eric Maher
Systems Analyst
Slocum-Dickson Medical Group, PLLC
emaher at sdmg.com

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