[Samba] Connecting with UID 0, when I don't want to.

Ken D'Ambrosio ken at jots.org
Wed Feb 9 16:48:40 GMT 2005

I'm setting up a new server, to be a more-or-less mimic of an old 
server.  I've copied over the binaries, changed the appropriate entries 
in the "netbios name" and "workgroup" lines... but every user I log in 
as gets this:

lani ( connect to service kend initially as user kend 
(uid=0, gid=524) (pid 2867)

I've tried this with other users (who aren't listed as admins), and get 
the same deal; any files they create are owned by root, and they are 
unable to access their profiles.

My setup is that I'm using LDAP as a backend, but "in between" Samba and 
LDAP is PAM -- that's what I'm having all my authentication, etc., go 

Can anyone think of a reason that this is happening?



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