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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Feb 8 19:05:19 GMT 2005

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Xavi wrote:

| So my question is: is there a way from making "fine
| printing things"  such as printing two/four... pages
| in a single A4 without a intermediate driver  such as
| FinePrint? sorry if i don't explain it very well but
| my english is not the best of the world.

These days, it is common to see the advanced feature
of a driver pushed out to the print processor.  Thus
requiring the print server to support server-side rendering
of the print job (a.k.a. EMF printing).  Samba only supports
RAW printing out of the box.

So my advice is to use potentially older drivers that
don't have the UNIDRV.DLL file.  Long term we need a
better solution for this.

cheers, jerry
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