[Samba] is "security = share" maintained in 3.0.x?

Carlos Knowlton cknowlton at update.fsix.com
Mon Feb 7 21:38:00 GMT 2005


I've been having a problem in Samba version 3, using "security = 
share".  When you have a share that you want to be read-only to one 
group, and read-write to another.  It ends up being read-write for both 
groups.  This behavior seems inconsistent with Samba 2.2.x behavior. 

Have the configuration options changed, or is this a bug?  This issue is 
listed on Samba's bugzilla site:
 and so far, the only reaction I've seen by talking to Samba people 
about it, is that "security = share" is major pain, and nobody wants to 
deal with it's problems.  Is share level security being phased out of 
Samba, or am I just missing the right configuration options?


PS: here's my config file.
        read raw = yes
        guest account = nobody
        socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_SNDBUF=16384
        null passwords = yes
        map to guest = bad user
        encrypt passwords = yes
        level2 oplocks = yes
        lock directory = /var/lock/subsys
        netbios name = fsix-Server
        write cache size = 16384
        server string = fsix Server
        default = user
        min passwd length = 0
        unix password sync = yes
        workgroup = fsix
        os level = 20
        comment = FSIX Server
        security = share
        getwd cache = yes
        dont descend = /proc,/dev,/etc,/usr
        max log size = 2000
        log level = 2

        writeable = yes
        read list = user
        user = user,cknowlton
        write list = cknowlton
        path = /home/users/share

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