[Samba] Why Windows sucks.

Thomas M. Skeren III tms3 at fsklaw.com
Sat Feb 5 02:37:06 GMT 2005


>Then of course, there's Linux distro's that operate primarily with root
>Then of course, there are Linux users that run everything as root
>because they can't be bothered by the notion of users.
Then there's the BSD's and it's users.  But, of course we know not to do 
these things.  MAC's are now BSD's too. But why the bang on Linux's?  
While the bloated gui of SuSE 9.2 is annoying, it warns to not run as 
root, and a root login to the GUI is nowhere near as friendly as using 
the non root account created during startup. 

Further, where's your evidence?  Whilst nimrods run as root in Linux, do 
you have evidence that a majority do?  How about MAC users?  I know 
large MAC networks that require passwords to do this.  Sure you can 
kinda do this in Winblowz XP Pro...but XP Home?  Yeah right.

>yes, the average home user, is under informed and ill-prepared to
>experience the world via a computer and direct connection to the
>internet which is why Microsoft finally (and probably in the better late
>than never category) installing firewall and pop-up blocking with WinXP
>SP2 - it ain't perfect, it ain't all that great but it's a start.
>I am neither a Windows lover nor a Mac lover, but rather a computer
>enthusiast which is what really excites me about Linux in general.

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