[Samba] Re: Preventing deletion of folders under a SAMBA share

Marco De Vitis starless at spin.it
Fri Feb 4 17:34:55 GMT 2005

Il 03/02/2005, alle ore 22:13, Stuart Callender ha scritto:

> folder structure intact.  However this option seems to be ignored by
> Samba 3 and Windows 2000.  Windows 2000 will quite happily delete
> read-only files - which seems to be an annoying trait that cannot be

Uhm, as far as I recall, Win2000 deletes them only after asking the user
for confirmation (something like "this folder is read-only, do you really
want to delete it?").
If you want to prevent them from being deleted even after confirmation,
then you could try setting to read-only the parent folder which contains
the undeletable folders (which would be the share root folder itself,
supposing the undeletable folders are at the first level).


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