[Samba] Preventing deletion of folders under a SAMBA share

kurt weiss maillists at kwnet.at
Fri Feb 4 13:52:36 GMT 2005

> Stuart Callender:
>>Thanks for the reply.  I thought this too, but no matter what
>>permissions I give for existing folders via Unix permissions (even tried
>>sticky bits), or via the directory mask and force directory mode, the
>>folders can still be deleted.

the folder can be deleted if *the parent* folder has deletion rights.
"parent": 0555
"parent/child": 0777
"child" cannot be deleted, all folders in child you can delete

if you have *no* linux fs (ext2/ext3/a.s.o.) e.g. FAT, this will take no 
effect... :-(

i hop it helped.

>>Windows 2000 sees the folders as read only, but allows you to delete
>>them.  According to O'Rielly's Samba book (based on Samba 2), all should
>>work fine, but it doesn't.  I was wondering whether this is because of
>>Windows 2000 allowing delete of Read Only files.  As such I may have to
>>perhaps set up a Windows 95/98 box just to see.

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