[Samba] smbldap-populate failure

Heupink, Mourik Jan C. Heupink at INTECH.UNU.EDU
Fri Feb 4 09:39:22 GMT 2005

oh yes, something important (maybe) that I forgot to mention...

the howto's tell me that the command to 'vampire' is:
net rpc vampire -Uadministrator%adminpassword

this FAILS here. without an error or anything, the cursor is simply returned
immediately, and nothing at all happened.

then what did:
added an administrator account to ldap, with my domain admin password, and
then issued the following:

net rpc vampire -S pdcname

that works, but with the errors as indicated earlier.

Apologies for not letting you know this in the first place. (I simply forgot
to mention it.)

Mourik Jan

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> Hi!
> > You're missing UID_START= and GID_START=  but i think that
> > has been superseede by NextFreeUnixId. When you ran the 
> > script, the sid was already defined, right? As the error 
> > seems to occur when the userSID is beeing generated.
> You mean the sid of the current production nt4 domain in 
> smbldap.conf, right..? That's there, yes.
> What would you like me to show you, that could help? 
> smb.conf? smbldap.conf? /var/log/warn containing the errors? 
> I'm NOT using start tls (yet), what else would you like to know?
> A bit off topic perhaps, but:
> I wonder: shouldn't there be a script to modify a user? there 
> is "add user script", "delete user script", but no "modify 
> user script". Is that right..?
> Thanks for the help so far!
> mj
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