[Samba] Using smbmount from a Linux box to a Linux box

Bart van Kuik b.kuik at uzorg.nl
Thu Feb 3 10:18:18 GMT 2005

Hi all,

Our development server runs Linux, where each developer has a standard 
and an SMB password. Each developer also has a share which is mounted by 
his Windows box, using his UNIX username and SMB password.

However, when the same share is mounted from a Linux box, it lists the 
user and group ownerships of the remote server EVEN when smbmount is 
called with options uid=500 and gid=500, where 500 is the local user.

How can I make the translation between local and remote uid/gid, so I 
can read and write like on Windows?

I searched the FAQs but couldn't find an answer.


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