[Samba] Difficulty mapping 2 different drives from a Solaris 8 host using samba by the same XP user

Alan Pek alan.pek at db.com
Thu Feb 3 06:15:28 GMT 2005

Hi Folks,

I have Samba AFSP ver 2.2.8a running on Solaris 8 host and have defined a 
few filesystem as samba map-able drive, inside smb.conf and also
have the smb.map which mapped Unix to XP/NT user, extract of 2 files are 
shown below:


 username map = /data/samba/etc/smb.map

           comment = ux lg
           path = /a/log
           valid users = ugly
           read only = yes

           comment = ux dt
           path = /a/log/sp/adata
           valid users = pretty
           read only = no
           force user = pretty


        ugly = dracula vampire ghost angel
        pretty = cute baby angel

The XP user, angel on her PC can map the drives exclusively on their own. 
But the problem arrive when she successfully mapped the 1st drive without 
password, /a/log. she could not map /alog/sp/adata, kept promptng for 
passoword ?? Is there something I have missed out and kindly advise on
how to resolve the above scenario. Thanks.
Cheers, Alan

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