[Samba] 16-bit application

Spike Burkhardt burkhardt.richard at ssd.loral.com
Wed Feb 2 19:30:20 GMT 2005

  I've got a really weird problem.  A user is running a 16-bit
application called Jetform V2.2, originally from Delrina but now
supported by Adobe.  The user is storing the data files on their local
disk but the forms sit on a samba share.  We have moved the data files
to samba as well and this is where the weirdness comes in.  When the
application tries to open a file it brings down a pulldown list and in
the list is the DOS filename.  When the files were local the names
listed were the Windows filenames.  The same behavior is shown when the
data files are on a Novell volume so it seems like it's not a Samba
issue.  Does anyone have a clue on how to get the Windows filename to be
listed?  Thanks for the help.


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