[Samba] iPlanet Bug and PDC Problem

rhill rhill at sheetz.com
Wed Feb 2 19:11:37 GMT 2005


Did you ever get an answer about the Samba problem ... smbd/sec_ctx.c:initialise_groups(247)
  This is probably a problem with the account \nobody



Hey Guys,

	Ok, I've got a 2.2.9pre3 Samba box compilied with LDAP. I had to use 
2.2.9cvs cause 2.2.8a has some bug with iPlanet that doesn't allow it 
to compilie properly.... Anyway, I've got a 2.2.8 box setup with:

security = server
password server = mirage (the 2.2.9 Solaris box)

so when I try to loggin to the domain that the 2.2.8 box serves I get 
an error saying the username/password pair doesn't exist... Its like 
its not even talking to the 2.2.9 box... Here is the log with level 
2... Any ideas? Also, I'd apprecite a reply with a CC directed to me so 
I don't miss the reply in all the other threads... Thanks ever one!

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