[Samba] access to all home directories for all users

Matthew Easton info at sublunar.com
Wed Feb 2 07:51:12 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 01 February 2005 08:03, Thomas Kreft wrote:

> 	[homes]
>         valid users = @users
>         write list = @%g
>         browseable = No
>         create mask = 0660
>         directory mask = 0770
> Now the question is: How do I provide the users with an easy way to access
> the various 'homes', ie. via a mapped network drive, and STILL preserve the
> 'write list' option of the smb.conf?

	write list = @writegroup
	read list = @readgroup
where members of the write group are not members of the read group (or they 
will apparently not be able to write).

> Of course, the users could type "\\SERVERNAME" into their windows explorer,
> or browse through the network neighbourhood everytime, but this is rather
> inconvenient.

Did you try just mounting homes as part of your logon script?

	net use \\fileserver\homes /yes

If that doesn't work, then enclose the home directories you wish to browse 
into a share directory

typical path in /etc/passwd     /home/<username>
change it to                              /home/users/<username>

now as part of the logon script, you can mount /home/users

## smb.conf

path = /home/users
# etc. etc


## logon.bat
## place in netlogon share

net use U:  \\fileserver\users /yes

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