[Samba] access to all home directories for all users

Thomas Kreft daeron at gmx.net
Tue Feb 1 16:03:14 GMT 2005

[I'm terribly sorry - the Webmailer didn't warn me about the missing
subject! I couldn't come up with a decent one anyway, but here we go again.]

I have a rather complex access setup for my users home-directories. This is
a) All users have to be able to read other users files (minus some private
b) Some users additionally have write access to specific (not: all!)

So a user Joe also has a group called 'Joe' with members Joe, Tim and Kate.
Hence,  Joe, Tim and Kate may write to /home/joe. I do this by editing
smb.conf as follows:

        valid users = @users
        write list = @%g
        browseable = No
        create mask = 0660
        directory mask = 0770

Now the question is: How do I provide the users with an easy way to access
the various 'homes', ie. via a mapped network drive, and STILL preserve the
'write list' option of the smb.conf?

Of course, the users could type "\\SERVERNAME" into their windows explorer,
or browse through the network neighbourhood everytime, but this is rather

Or I could create a share with symlinks to all the home folders, but this
would deprive me of the individual 'write list' access control.

Hope I could make myself clear! Any ideas are highly appreciated, I'm
completely lost.


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