[Samba] folder redirecting for non-roaming users - is it reasonable?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at interia.pl
Tue Feb 1 19:53:03 GMT 2005


I have non-roaming users (that is, they have their own PC / place where 
they sit and they don't change it).

They use roaming profiles though - mainly because the profile is 
uploaded to the server, and then uploaded as a backup somewhere else.

Now one of our IT staff is forcing the idea that these non-roaming users 
should have mad folder redirecting (that is, keep My documents and other 
folders on a server).

There are some contras:

- lost connectivity to the server and user can't work anymore,
- users' "computer experience" will be generally slower - some of the 
users have 100 MB data in My documents,
- sometimes user can loose data if a program has an open document from 
the server, the connectivity is lost, and program can't handle it,
- some of the users use a common login and password (it's sort of public 
services institution - which means if student A has some data in My 
documents (which is on the server), student B can see it/delete it (as 
it's also on the server and they use the same login/password)

as well as a few pros:

- if there is a problem - for example, profiles are not being uploaded 
to the server after user logged out - we know about it immediately, 
because the user calls and complains - which means we don't backup 
something that is out of sync (users keeps fresh up-to-date data on 
his/her PC; and we back up an outdated roaming profile which is on the 
- we can actively fight against viruses: now a virus scanner scanns user 
profiles on the server, but even if it detects a virus and removes it, 
it appears again (as it is still on user's PC); with profiles kept 
partially on the server, this would not be the case?

What do you think?
Should we use folder redirecting for non-roaming users which have their 
own PCs, or not?


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