[Samba] problem with patch ms04-044 breaking SMB printer shares

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Feb 1 12:24:49 GMT 2005

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John Perkins wrote:

| We recently discovered after applying Microsoft Windows
| 2000 patch ms04-044 to our computers we can no longer
| communicate with our samba server we use for spooling
| printers.
| Symptoms:
| - when trying to display printer queue status, we get a
|   "Failed to open, retrying" message across the
|   top of the queue window
| - from within various applications, trying to open
|   a printer dialog box using File->Print will cause the
|   application to hang (presumably when trying to get printer
|   information); eventually a list of printers
|   will be displayed, but will then hang when the user
|   tries to print a job...the job never actually prints
| Backing out the patch allows SMB printing via the
| samba server to work properly again, but obviously the
| patched vulnerability still exists.
| Has anyone else run up against this?  Are there
| known fixes for this problem?

I can't reproduce any problems with the security update.
Is the Samba box configured to serve drivers to printers?

cheers, jerry
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