[Samba] smbmount inconsistant counts

James Presley jpresley at neubus.com
Wed Dec 28 21:02:28 GMT 2005

Hey Guys,


I have a strange problem. I have a RHFC3 box connected to a Windows 2003
advanced server share via smbmount. This is what my entry looks like in


//datasilo01/tdhcamhsol /mnt/tdhcamhsol                 smbfs


We run scripts on this share that count the number of images in the
directory vs. the number in a text file. But if I do something like


ls -R 0058 | grep 'tif' | wc -l 


I get like 3059 like 8 times out of 10. But it will be off by one or more
the other times. Even if I don't use a grep statement and just output it to
a file, I've done like a sample of 10 output files and then did a diff on
them and it simply missed a tif image name. I thought it might be a cache
timing issue, but even after the directory is no longer being added to the
count is off sometimes. This is driving me crazy, and it's a critical issue
for our scripts to work properly. I've been wondering if I should switch to
a CIFS mount instead? Would this solve this kind of issue? 


I've looked at the network cards for any dropped packets or errors and it's
100% clean.





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