[Samba] Error in documentation: Samba 3 By Example: Chapter 5 - Making Users Happy in re: Outlook

Ilia Chipitsine ilia at paramon.ru
Thu Dec 22 05:45:51 GMT 2005

> On 12/19/05, Jonathan Johnson <jon at sutinen.com> wrote:
>> Configuration of MS Outlook to Relocate PST File
>> Microsoft Outlook can store a Personal Folders file, generally known as
>> a PST file. It is the nature of email storage that this file grows, at
>> times quite rapidly. So that users' email is available to them at every
>> workstation they may log onto, it is common practice in well-controlled
>> sites to redirect the PST folder to the users' home directory. Follow
>> these steps for each user who wishes to do this.
> A few more notes on PST file location:  (Some or all of this may be
> beyond the scope of the Samba docs.)
> Microsoft doesn't officially support storing PSTs on network drives
> (see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/297019/), although it seems to be
> a pretty popular setup.
> In addition to manually moving PST files, you can set the default PST
> location for new accounts by following instructions at
> http://www.windowsitpro.com/Windows/Article/ArticleID/48228/48228.html.
> This setting could presumably be done using NT4-style policies, but I
> haven't tried it.
> We found that disabling oplocks on PSTs cut down on some locking
> errors, and I've seen the suggestion from others on the mailing list
> as well:
>    veto oplock files = /*.pst/*.PST/
> 3.0.21 includes an oplock rewrite; maybe the above will no longer be necessary?
> The instructions that you provided for moving PST files don't work for
> PSTs that store IMAP account information.  Those can be manually moved
> to network drives using a variation on your instructions:
> 1. Close Outlook.
> 2. From the control panel, launch the Mail icon
> 3. Click Email Accounts
> 4. Make a note of the location of the PST file(s). From this location,
> move the files to the desired location.
> 5. Back under Email Accounts, click Settings for the data file, and
> select the new location when Windows complains about the file missing.
> However, this breaks Outlook's Send/Receive button, so we quit doing
> it.  I haven't figured out a fix for this.  (From what I can tell,
> PSTs for IMAP accounts store message rules/filters related to that
> account, so they would be worth centralizing, even though the mail
> itself is on an IMAP server.)

I also vote for this solution (and I use it myself)

actually, I would add two corrections:

1) MS Outlook is not Outlook Express (many people don't distingush 
between them)

2) not "Close Outlook", but "make sure MS Outlook was started at least 
once, because Control Panel Mail managing things appears only after 
Outlook was started"

> Josh Kelley
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