[Samba] Error in documentation: Samba 3 By Example: Chapter 5 - Making Users Happy in re: Outlook

Jon Johnson jon at sutinen.com
Wed Dec 21 17:18:07 GMT 2005

Josh Kelley wrote:
> On 12/19/05, Jonathan Johnson <jon at sutinen.com> wrote:
>> Configuration of MS Outlook to Relocate PST File
>> Microsoft Outlook can store a Personal Folders file, generally known as
>> a PST file. It is the nature of email storage that this file grows, at
>> times quite rapidly. So that users' email is available to them at every
>> workstation they may log onto, it is common practice in well-controlled
>> sites to redirect the PST folder to the users' home directory. Follow
>> these steps for each user who wishes to do this.
> A few more notes on PST file location:  (Some or all of this may be
> beyond the scope of the Samba docs.)
> Microsoft doesn't officially support storing PSTs on network drives
> (see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/297019/), although it seems to be
> a pretty popular setup.
> In addition to manually moving PST files, you can set the default PST
> location for new accounts by following instructions at
> http://www.windowsitpro.com/Windows/Article/ArticleID/48228/48228.html.
>  This setting could presumably be done using NT4-style policies, but I
> haven't tried it.
> We found that disabling oplocks on PSTs cut down on some locking
> errors, and I've seen the suggestion from others on the mailing list
> as well:
>     veto oplock files = /*.pst/*.PST/
> 3.0.21 includes an oplock rewrite; maybe the above will no longer be necessary?
> The instructions that you provided for moving PST files don't work for
> PSTs that store IMAP account information.  Those can be manually moved
> to network drives using a variation on your instructions:
> 1. Close Outlook.
> 2. From the control panel, launch the Mail icon
> 3. Click Email Accounts
> 4. Make a note of the location of the PST file(s). From this location,
> move the files to the desired location.
> 5. Back under Email Accounts, click Settings for the data file, and
> select the new location when Windows complains about the file missing.
> However, this breaks Outlook's Send/Receive button, so we quit doing
> it.  I haven't figured out a fix for this.  (From what I can tell,
> PSTs for IMAP accounts store message rules/filters related to that
> account, so they would be worth centralizing, even though the mail
> itself is on an IMAP server.)
> Josh Kelley
I see the documentation has been updated. Many thanks to John H. 
Terpstra and the rest of the Samba team.

--Jonathan Johnson

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