[Samba] Samba printing fails for Windows clients, was working, now fails...

Eric Hines eehines at comcast.net
Wed Dec 21 13:05:36 GMT 2005

At 12/21/05 06:48, Dennis B. Hopp wrote:
>activity superstore wrote:
>>Hi all
>>The printing via Samba+Cups has stopped working. I'm
>>using Mandrake 10.0 Official as a Samba server for
>>file sharing and printing on a Windows network.
>>Printing from a WindowsXP client to the Samba server
>>now fails and I don't know why it has suddenly
>>stopped, it used to work. File sharing still works
>>There are on no errors logged on the Linux Samba box,
>>the Windows application you try to print from just
>>says "not responding". I have used Knoppix as a client
>>and the printing works from Samba, so it is just a
>>Windows client to Linux Samba issue, but I can't
>>figure it out.
>>Any ideas?
>>Samba version samba-server-3.0.2a-3mdk
>That's an old version of Samba.  I got to imagine Mandrake (or 
>Mandriva or whatever they are called now) has released a newer 
>package.  Can you try to upgrade?

Yes, but it was working.  OP doesn't report changing anything, in 
particular, the OS or Samba.  Why would it quit out of the 
blue?  Could there be a print log file (or some such) that's gotten 
too big and hangs the print process?  Could the print server itself 
(I use a Netgear doofer that plugs into the back of my Samsung) have 
failed?  A Lynksys that I used prior to the Netgear did quit on me; 
replacing that got me my printing back.

On the other hand, it probably would be worth the effort to upgrade 
Samba on GPs; 3.0.21 is sufficiently advanced over 3.0.2a that that's 
worth the effort in its own right.

Eric Hines

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