[Samba] Server recommendation ??

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Wed Dec 21 00:40:38 GMT 2005

Hi Gary,

> I guess it boils down to, "How hard is it going to be to setup a cron 
> job of some sort that will copy all data files to the Win2003k server 
> every night?"

If all you're fussed about is copying the files then it's trivial at
best.  The problems only start occurring when you're playing with user
logons, file permissions, domain integration, etc.  If you want it done
really quickly, you don't even need the Samba server - just create a
share on the Windows box that gives you access to all the files, then
mount that on the Linux box using cifs or smbfs and just have a cron
job like "cp /mnt/remote/* /home/backup -Rv" or the like.

The only pitfall to keep an eye on is getting the permissions copied
across can be troublesome.  The method above will just copy the files
and maybe some permissions.  If you also want the permissions copied
over by far the simplest method would be to install some program on the
Windows box that puts all the files into the one archive, permissions
and all, and save that massive archive across the VPN.  Not the most
efficient method though.


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