[Samba] Server recommendation ??

Gary MacKay gary at edisoninfo.com
Wed Dec 21 00:27:00 GMT 2005

I have a client that already has a "Windows 2003 Server" server in their 
main office. He wants me to put a new server in a remote office, which 
is connected via a vpn. The only real connection between the two will be 
every night to copy all data files to the main server for backup. He has 
told me to use Linux/Samba or Win2003k whichever I think is best. Now, 
without a doubt, I prefer linux, that is all I've installed for several 
years. But, I'm also smart (humble) enough to know, I've never messed 
with getting a samba box to live with a Win2003k box. Yes, I know it can 
be done, I've read about it on this list, but, most of the time there 
has been alot of pain and many many hours spent getting there. I don't 
have that luxury. I can't afford to spend 40 hours getting it to work 
and only billing 2 hours or whatever. Also, the remote office is 2 hours 
drive at best away.

I guess it boils down to, "How hard is it going to be to setup a cron 
job of some sort that will copy all data files to the Win2003k server 
every night?" I don't really need total integration I guess. The remote 
server can have it's own domain, users, etc. I just need to connect to 
the main office each night.

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