[Samba] windows env variable for USERDOMAIN is wrong

Jesse Spangenberger jesse at oceanlodge.biz
Sun Dec 18 23:52:19 GMT 2005


Hi all,

I just setup my Samba PDC.  Mostly everything works, but I am wondering why
on some clients, they have the wrong USERDOMAIN environment variable.  (when
you run 'set' in win xp cmd)

The domain name is MEIDLING, and the user and computer are joined ok.  But
in set, it shows USERDOMAIN as the Server name. Which is MAIN.

How do I change that?

Thanks in advance.

Same problem i have.  Not sure if its deals with WINS or not. but I get my domain showing up on XP boxes along with a domain named after my server showing up.  

When logging in both Domain\username and PDC\username work.  (sighs)

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