[Samba] Basic samba/swat setup prob

Eric Hines eehines at comcast.net
Sun Dec 18 16:47:04 GMT 2005

At 12/18/05 09:49, Mathew D. Watson wrote:
>dave wrote:
>>I am running kubuntu, samba 3.0.14a, my smb.conf file is ...
>>     workgroup = METRAN
>>     encrypt passwords = yes
>>     comment = For testing only, please
>>     path = /etc/samba/tmp
>>     read only = no
>>     guest ok = yes
>>I have a /etc/samba/tmp directory,
>>I am user dave on the system so I ...
>>smbpasswd -a dave
>>I gave it a password of 'testing', it complained that a file did not 
>>exist then created it for me ... all looked AOK
>>I pointed my browser to http://localhost:901, an authentication dialogue 
>>popped up, I entered 'dave', 'testing' hopeing for the swat screen but 
>>all I get is authentication failed, retry.
>This is a guess, but try adding
>security = user
>to the [global] section.
>You might also try, as I did, using the /etc/samba/smb.conf file that came 
>with the samba package. Then run swat, and use it to make your changes.

There are a couple of other things you might want to try: since you've 
gotten to the authentication dialog, it appears you have a proper swat 
config file (you might, though, compare yours to the one that's on pg 53 of 
Ts, et al.'s _Using Samba_ (O'Reilly pub), just to be sure.  The biggie, 
though, is that, unless you explicitly set up swat to do otherwise, you 
need to log in as root to get it to run (don't forget to assign the same 
password for smbpasswd as you have for your root access for your kubuntu 
machine...).  Anyone using swat can mess with your samba con fig file, and 
you don't want that--you should limit access to root, and that's the 
default access level for swat.

Eric Hines

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