[Samba] Basic samba/swat setup prob

dave s samba at pusspaws.net
Sun Dec 18 16:58:33 GMT 2005

On Sunday 18 December 2005 16:47, Eric Hines wrote:
> At 12/18/05 09:49, Mathew D. Watson wrote:
> >dave wrote:
> >>I am running kubuntu, samba 3.0.14a, my smb.conf file is ...
> >>[global]
> >>     workgroup = METRAN
> >>     encrypt passwords = yes
> >>[test]
> >>     comment = For testing only, please
> >>     path = /etc/samba/tmp
> >>     read only = no
> >>     guest ok = yes
> >>I have a /etc/samba/tmp directory,
> >>I am user dave on the system so I ...
> >>smbpasswd -a dave
> >>I gave it a password of 'testing', it complained that a file did not
> >>exist then created it for me ... all looked AOK
> >>I pointed my browser to http://localhost:901, an authentication dialogue
> >>popped up, I entered 'dave', 'testing' hopeing for the swat screen but
> >>all I get is authentication failed, retry.
> >
> >This is a guess, but try adding
> >
> >security = user
> >
> >to the [global] section.
> >
> >You might also try, as I did, using the /etc/samba/smb.conf file that came
> >with the samba package. Then run swat, and use it to make your changes.
> >
> >Mat
> There are a couple of other things you might want to try: since you've
> gotten to the authentication dialog, it appears you have a proper swat
> config file (you might, though, compare yours to the one that's on pg 53 of
> Ts, et al.'s _Using Samba_ (O'Reilly pub), just to be sure.  The biggie,
> though, is that, unless you explicitly set up swat to do otherwise, you
> need to log in as root to get it to run (don't forget to assign the same
> password for smbpasswd as you have for your root access for your kubuntu
> machine...). 

Thank you SO MUCH :) I have been wrestling with this problem for 2-3 weeks. It 
was complicated because kubuntu does not have a root password by default. 
Having setup a root password then smbpasswd -a and all is well :)

One question, why does the smbpasswd have to be the same as the root password, 
apart from it therefore being easy to remember ?



> Anyone using swat can mess with your samba con fig file, and 
> you don't want that--you should limit access to root, and that's the
> default access level for swat.
> Eric Hines
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