[Samba] Re: Joining a Samba 3 domain repost

Marcelo Gonçalves Diotto marcelo at ceset.unicamp.br
Thu Dec 15 17:17:52 GMT 2005

   I've used the idealx tutorial 
(http://samba.idealx.org/smbldap-howto.en.html), almost everything is 
fine, i can access the home directories and view shares, but when i try 
to join the domain i get the error:
"while attempting to join the domain DOMAIN the user could not be found"
   When i look in ldap the machine acount was created and in 
/var/log/samba there is no error log (it creates e logfile for the 
machine, but it is kept empty).
   Can someone help us??


Mike wrote:

> Hii
> I have followed the Samba 3 by Example Chapter 2 small office network 
> to the letter. I can connect to server shares using the root user and 
> pw but when I try to join the domain I still get the message " while 
> attempting to join the domain xxxx the user could not be found"
> Thanks for any help you may be able to give
> Mike

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