[Samba] Re: The single WINS problem: question

werner maes werner.maes at cc.kuleuven.be
Wed Dec 14 10:02:21 GMT 2005

>On Monday 12 December 2005 02:02, werner maes wrote:
> >       hello
> >
> > I've been reading the thread
> > (http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?t=113286376900001&r=1&w=2) and I have
> > the same limitation with WINS in a PDC/BDC.
> >
> > That's why I have the following (experimental) setup:
> >
> > PDC ==> wins support = yes, passdb backend: master ldap
> > BDC ==> wins support = yes, passdb backend: slave ldap
> >
> > I configured some of my XP clients to use both WINS servers and it
> > seems to work.
>Well, you CAN do this, but then it is necessary to use the "remote browse
>sync" and "remote announce" parameters on both systems to gain cross-subnet
>browsing and name resolution capability. You will likely find that Windows
>hosts will register with only one WINS server - that is one of the key
>reasons for the advice that is in the man page and in the HOWTO book.
> >
> > but in the manual of smb.conf I read:
> >
> > wins support (G)
> >                Note that you should NEVER set this to yes  on
> >                more than one machine in your network.
> >
> >
> > What could happen if you use more than one WINS server on your network?
>You COULD (likely will) have broken NetBIOS name resolution, with the result
>that windows clients can panic and blue-screen.
>- John T.

thanks for your advice john.
I will setup a few XP clients with two WINS servers configured and 
see what happens.
but I need this kind of backup because else I can't see the point of 
setting up a BDC if the WINS server remains the single point of failure.

I'm looking forward to Samba4 where "WINS replication support is 
nearly finished" as I've read on the website 

kind regards


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