[Samba] encoding a ntlm-hash from cleartext passwords with java

"M. Müller" malte.mueller at ewetel.net
Fri Apr 29 20:11:20 GMT 2005

Thanks a lot, but the policy at this school is at the moment, that 
pupils may _not_ change their passwords. This is a public school and 
experience shows that they tend to forget their password at home. We 
might discuss if it is really clever to have fixed passwords but it wont 
be changed for now (I asked for it). I could, of course, create a 
database or flat file with many encrypted passwords but that would be 
second best  i think.

Malte Mueller

E Hines schrieb:

> If you're creating accounts for students, maybe it's sufficient to 
> create the accounts with (the same) default passwords.  You would add 
> to your newly created accounts the requirement that the first act each 
> user must execute is to change the default password to one created by 
> that new user. 
> Eric Hines
> On Fri, 2005-04-29 at 17:42 +0200, "M. Müller" wrote:
>>i am writing a tiny application which generates new accounts from an 
>>existent department's database. This is a school and i have to create 
>>several hundred accounts per year, so i think it's worth the effort.
>>As i write this app in Java (I just happen to be best in Java not C or 
>>Perl), i would like to do as much as possible in Java without invoking 
>>external scripts. Alas i do not know how to generate the NTLM-hashes 
>>from cleartext passwords. I didn't find a solution in the jCIFS project 
>>- did i overlook something?
>>Maybe i should port the routines from Samba sources to java which should 
>>not be too difficult (I assume there are no system dependend parts) - 
>>any hints where to look? smbpasswd.c?
>>At the end i would like to have an ldap-entry with all relevant 
>>attributes so that i do not have to invoke smbpasswd et al.
>>Thanks a lot for any help or comments,
>>Malte Mueller
>>(who can not attend the sambaXP this year, sadly)

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