[Samba] ACL / default permissions question

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Fri Apr 29 18:55:22 GMT 2005

Samba 3.0.11, 3.0.14a, 3.0.15pre1 on Red Hat RHAS3
Samba server is an NT4 PDC (no ADS)
passdb backend = ldapsam

I could try it out for myself, since I've a test machine besides my 
regular site. But I'd really rather have a definitive answer.

I have POSIX ACLs working fine.

In smb.conf I set  "nt acl support = yes" (default anyway).

Let's presume that I go and put all sorts of "funny" directives for a 
given shaere into smb.conf. I.e., I put in smb.conf "force group = 
@domuser" or whatever I give a Unix file group setting.

I then contradict this with my ACLs from Windows by allowing full 
control to Everyone.

Which takes precedence, the ACLs or the smb.conf directives?

I mean, it's running like a dream anyway, but this was a question from 
one of my Windows admins.




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